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If you have not done any coding before then it may be a bit intimidating to get started. We recommend the MOLSSI tutorial as a first introduction to python if you have not seen it before. They also have a number of great coding resources on their site, so make sure to look around a bit from time to time. You might also consider going through the software carpentry course on python and plotting


If you have completed the MOLSSI course but still want more formal education in python before jumping into reading and writing python code on your own, then there are a lot of python courses to choose from. One option is the Python3 specialization from Coursera. Make sure not spend all your time on classes though - read some group code that your colleagues have written and try to contribute!

Have a suggestion for resources? Let's add it to the list!

Most of our code is written in an object-oriented fashion. You will likely want to become comfortable with how classes work in python. Here are some resources that we have found useful. 


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