Want to work on big questions and hard problems? Interested in mesoscale quantum dynamics? Or the biophysics of photosynthesis? The intersection? Are you excited about quantum mechanics? Or are you curious about how biological regulation emerges from  complex chemical mixtures? If you want to join a young team working hard to build something new - get in touch!

Our values

The words we want to define us...

  • Unbounded: We leave behind limiting silos to freely explore new science. 

  • Ambitious: We aspire to meaningfully advance important and challenging problems.

  • Inclusive: The strength of our group arises from the diverse perspectives and experiences of our members.

  • Collaborative: Open discussion and joint problem solving accelerate our science and guide our group decisions.

  • Inspirational: The group motivates us to strive towards our goals despite the inevitable setbacks.

  • Camaraderie: Science is hard and time-consuming, but much more fun as part of a positive and light-hearted team. 

Positions available

The MesoScience Lab is always looking for undergraduate studentsgraduate students to join the team - send Doran an e-mail to apply! 

In addition, we are looking for a post-doctoral fellow to join the team!  

Post-doc Position: Quantum Dynamics

The MesoScience Lab has an opening for a post-doctoral scholar at SMU in Dallas TX working on developing new quantum dynamics approaches to simulate carrier dynamics in a variety of semiconductor materials. The post-doc will contribute to the first open-source package for simulating mesoscale quantum dynamics. They will also help build a team to push the length- and timescales accessible in quantum dynamics simulations.


The candidate should have a PhD in chemistry, physics, or a related field. The candidate should have experience in at least one programming language (Python or C++ preferred). Previous experience relevant to quantum dynamics is desirable but not required. 


Are you interested?

If you are interested in applying please send an email to Doran (doranb at smu dot comincluding:

  1. a cover letter outlining your research interests, past accomplishments, and future goals;

  2. a CV;

  3. contact information for 3 references.

Review of applications will begin immediately. As a team, we believe that the strength of our group arises from the diverse perspective and experiences of our members, so we particularly encourage applications from women and under-represented minorities.

The Basics: What we provide our team members

Salary and Benefits: We strive to ensure we are sufficiently funded that we can offer our group members fair remuneration for their hard work. 

  • Graduate Students: $25,000/year with health benefits provided

  • Post-doctoral scholars: $50,000/year with access to subsidized health benefits through SMU

What you need to excel: We believe our group members are capable of being exceptional scientists and we provide support to help ensure that happens. 

  • Computer: Every member of the group is provided with a Macbook-pro laptop or iMac desktop. These are the tools you use every day, so let's make them good. 

  • Research/Travel Stipend: The group provides each member with an annual research/travel stipend. These funds are yours to further your development as a scientist - buy the license to an interesting software package, travel to an intriguing conference, go immerse yourself in the lab of a collaborator. We empower you to develop the foundations for your own career. 

  • Team Environment: We work hard to ensure that the team has a cohesive social atmosphere that is welcoming for everyone and acknowledges the strength required to get up and try again after a stumble. The best science happens when everyone knows that they belong and understands that it is safe to fail, because failure is an integral part of doing new science.