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Want to work on big questions and hard problems? Interested in mesoscale quantum dynamics? Or the biophysics of photosynthesis? The intersection? Are you excited about quantum mechanics? Or are you curious about how biological regulation emerges from  complex chemical mixtures? If you want to join a young team working hard to build something new - get in touch!

Our values

The words we want to define us...

  • Unbounded: We leave behind limiting silos to freely explore new science. 

  • Ambitious: We aspire to meaningfully advance important and challenging problems.

  • Inclusive: The strength of our group arises from the diverse perspectives and experiences of our members.

  • Collaborative: Open discussion and joint problem solving accelerate our science and guide our group decisions.

  • Inspirational: The group motivates us to strive towards our goals despite the inevitable setbacks.

  • Camaraderie: Science is hard and time-consuming, but much more fun as part of a positive and light-hearted team. 

Positions available

The MesoScience Lab is always looking for undergraduate students, graduate students to join the team - send Doran an e-mail to apply! 

In addition, we are looking for 2 post-doctoral fellows to join the team! 

Post-doc Positions: Photosynthesis

The thylakoid membrane in plants is a dynamic, congested environment responsible for a complex network of light driven electron and proton transport reactions that convert sunlight into chemical energy (NADPH and ATP). Recent cryo-electron tomography measurements provide panoramic views of the thylakoid membrane and incisive atomistic views of individual pigment-protein complexes. We are developing new structure-based computational models of the photosynthetic light harvesting. The successful candidate will work with the team to simulate the photosynthetic electron transport chain in the crowded thylakoid environment. In collaboration with leading structural biology, biochemistry, and spectroscopy labs, you will incorporate a new model of electron carrier diffusion into a model of light harvesting to characterize the coupling between the membrane organization and the overall photosynthetic efficiency. We support open science standards: all code and data will be released with associated publications. 


The ideal candidate has previous exposure to scientific programming – whether python scripts or collaborating on a software library – and is interested in working at the interface of physical chemistry, biophysics, and scientific programming. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

Please send your application to Doran, including:

  • your CV,

  • a brief letter explaining your interest in a position,

  • a list of recommenders (with contact information), and

if possible, sending a GitHub link or code sample will be advantageous.


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