The Basics

Salary and Benefits: We strive to ensure we are sufficiently funded that we can offer our group members fair remuneration for their hard work. 

  • Graduate Students: $25,000/year with health benefits provided

  • Post-doctoral scholars: $50,000/year with access to subsidized health benefits through SMU

What you need to excel: We believe our group members are capable of being exceptional scientists and we provide support to help ensure that happens. 

  • Computer: Every member of the group is provided with a new Macbook-pro laptop or iMac desktop. These are the tools you use every day, so let's make them good. 

  • Research/Travel Stipend: The group provides each member with an annual research/travel stipend [grad: $1000/year, post-doc: $2000/year]. These funds are yours to further your development as a scientist - buy the license to an interesting software package, travel to an intriguing conference, go immerse yourself in the lab of a collaborator. We empower you to develop the foundations for your own career. 

  • Team Environment: We work hard to ensure that the team has a cohesive social atmosphere that is welcoming for everyone and acknowledges the strength required to get up and try again after a stumble. The best science happens when everyone knows that they belong and understands that it is safe to fail, because failure is an integral part of doing new science.

Our values

The words we want to define us...

Unbounded: We leave behind limiting silos to freely explore new science. 

Ambitious: We aspire to meaningfully advance important and challenging problems

Inclusive: The strength of our group arises from the diverse perspectives and experiences of our members

Collaborative: Open discussion and joint problem solving accelerate our science and guide our group decisions

Inspirational: The group motivates us to strive towards our goals despite the inevitable setbacks 

Camaraderie: Science is hard and time-consuming, but much more fun as part of a positive and light-hearted team 

Roles and Responsibilities

The graphic below illustrates the ways in which our lab members grow as they develop skillsets and gain the confidence needed to take on new responsibilities. Your experience and comfort level determine where you start; we're here to help you flourish. 

We strive to be independent, creative, and productive scientists.

©2020 by Doran Bennett