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We use computers to study multiscale phenomena and connect measurements taken on disparate length and timescales. Multiscale models provide a unique opportunity to investigate the emergent design principles of hierarchical materials. We tackle problems in both quantum and classical regimes with applications in both biological and artificial materials. The unifying theme of our lab is bottom-up modeling combined with systematic coarse-graining - i.e. we want to have a systematically improvable description of the dynamics which we use to develop a simple conceptual model to interpret experiments. 


We develop new algorithms to study multiscale phenomena in artificial and biological materials. 

Our team members collaborate to write software that is scalable and maintainable. 


We study quantum dynamics of molecular aggregates for light harvesting and photocatalysis. We also explore the multiscale structure-function relationships of bioenergetics in photosynthesis and respiration. 


We are diligent, collegial, and creative scientists who value working in a diverse team. We believe that creativity arises from intellectual independence, broad knowledge of the field, and a supportive environment. 

Group Members

Doran I. G. Bennett

Principal Investigator

Post-Doctoral Fellow Harvard University

PhD UC Berkeley 
BA/MS University of Chicago 

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Mohamed Elrefaiy

Visiting Scholar

BS Zewail City of Science and Technology

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Leo Varvelo

Research Assistant

BA University of Houston

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Future Team Members

Want to work on big questions and hard problems? Are you excited about quantum mechanics? Or are you curious about how biological regulation emerges from  complex chemical mixtures? 

The Mesoscience Lab is looking for undergraduate studentsgraduate students and post-docs to join the team! Send Doran an e-mail to apply.