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Simulating optical linear absorption for mesoscale molecular aggregates: an adaptive hierarchy of pure states approach



Formally Exact Simulations of Mesoscale Exciton Diffusion in a Photosynthetic Aggregate

L. VarveloJ. K. LyndB. Citty, O. Kühn, D. I. G. B. Raccah

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14,

3077-3083 (2023)



Calculating non-linear response functions for multi-dimensional electronic spectra using dyadic non-Markovian quantum state diffusion.

L. Chen, D. I. G. Bennett, A. Eisfeld

Nonlinear Spectra 2022 Chen et al_edited.jpg


Simulation of absorption spectra of molecular aggregates: A hierarchy of stochastic pure state approach

L. Chen, D. I. G. Bennett, A. Eisfeld

J. Chem. Phys. 156, 124109 (2022)

Chen HOPSpectra Paper Icon.png


The rise and fall of the photoinhibition-related energy dissipation qI

W. J. Nawrocki, X. Liu, B. Raber, C. Hu, C. de Vitry, D. I. G. Bennett, R. Croce

Sci. Adv. 7, eabj0055 (2021)



Formally exact simulations of mesoscale exciton dynamics in molecular materials

L. Varvelo, J. K. Lynd, D. I. G. Bennett

Chem. Sci. 12, 9704-9711 (2021)



Directed kinetic transition network model

H. Zhou, F. Wang, D. I. G. Bennett, P. Tao

J. Chem. Phys. 151, 144122 (2019)


Publications - pre Southern Methodist University:


Generalized Kasha’s model: T-dependent spectroscopy reveals short-range structures of 2D excitonic systems

C. Chuang, D. I. G. Bennett, J. R. Caram, A. Aspuru-Guzik, M. G. Bawendi, J. Cao

Chem 5, 1-16 (2019)



Models and mechanisms of rapidly reversible regulation of photosynthetic light harvesting

D. I. G. Bennett, K. Amartanth, S. Park, C. J. Steen, J. M. Morris, G. R. Fleming

Open Biology 9, 190043 (2019)



Energy-dependent quenching adjusts the excitation diffusion length to regular photo light harvesting

D. I. G. Bennett, G. R. Fleming, K. Amaranth

PNAS 115, E9523 (2018)



Mechanistic regimes of vibrionic transporting a heterodimer and the design principle of incoherent vibrionic transport in phycobiliproteins

D. I. G. Bennett, P. Maly, C. Kreisbeck, R. van Grondelle, A. Aspuru-Guzik

J. Chem. Phys. Lett. 10, 2665 (2018)



Local protein solvation drives direct down-conversion in phycobiliprotein PC645 via incoherent vibronic transport

S. Blau, D. I. G. Bennett, C. Kreisbeck, G. Scholes, A. Aspuru-Guzik

PNAS 115, E3342 (2018)



Photochemical control of exciton superradiance in light harvesting nanotubes 

S. Doria, J. R. Caram, T. S. Sinclair, D. I. G. Bennett, C. Chuang, F. Freyria, C. P. Steiner, P. Foggi, K. Nelson, J. Cao, A. Aspuru-Guzik, S. Lloyd, M. G. Bawendi

ACS Nano 12, 4556 (2018)



Multiscale model of light harvesting by photosystem II in plants

K. Amarnath, D. I. G. Bennett, A. Schneider, G. R. Fleming

PNAS 113, 1156 (2016)



Long range energy transport in photosystem II

J. J .J. Roden, D. I. G. Bennett, K. B. Whaley

J. Chem. Phys. 144, 245101 (2016)



A structure based model of energy transfer reveals the principles of light harvesting in photosystem II supercomplex

D. I. G. Bennett, K. Amarnath, G. R. Fleming

JACS 135, 9164-9173 (2013)

Depolarization of Rotational Angular Momentum in CN+Ar Collisions.

S.J. McGurk, K. G. McKendrick, M. L. Costen, D.I.G Bennett, J. Kłos, MH Alexander, P. J. Dagdigian

Mapping the spatial overlap of excitons in a photosynthetic complex via coherent nonlinear frequency generation

J. M. Dawlaty, D. I. G. Bennett, V. M. Huxter, G. R. Fleming

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Rotationally Inelastic Collisions of CN with N2

A. Khachatrian, P. J. Dagdigian, D. I. G. Bennett, F. Lique, J. Klos, M. H. Alexander

The Na(+)–H2 cation complex: Rotationally resolved infrared spectrum, potential energy surface, and rovibrational calculations

B. L. J. Poad, P. J. Wearne, E. J. Bieske, A. A. Buchachenko,  D. I. G. Bennett, J. Klos, M. H. Alexander

Comparing Electronic Structure Predictions for the Ground State Dissociation of the Vinoxy Radical

D.I.G. Bennett, L. J. Butler, H.-J. Werner

Characterization of the Methoxy Carbonyl Radical Formed via Photolysis of Methyl Chloroformate at 193 nm

M. J. Bell, K.-C. Lau, M. J. Krisch, D.I.G. Bennett, L. J. Butler, F. Weinhold

Photodissociation of Propargyl Chloride at 193 nm

L. R. McCunn, D.I.G. Bennett, L. J. Butler, H. Fan, F. Aguirre, and S. T. Pratt

2006 - 2012

2006 - 2012

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